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       Established in Dec.20th 2013,with 50million RMB as registered capital.It is located at LongGang economic development zone in Xingtai City,Hebei Province.The total area of enterprises is 80896.7m2,  with  factory area covering 15331m2.We will     build one production room,one one production    exhibition  room,two apartment buildings,one mess hall,one  public bathhouse.We will establish 5 production lines,togater with 210sets of machinery for the forging process from 2000T to 8000T and relative machiney finishing   equipment.Advanced  computer-aided   designation   and     manufacturing technology (CAD/CAM) are  used in the product development and mold made.
        We together   with all   colleagues,make every effort to offer excellent service for customers by advanced  managment concept ¡¢scientific systerm manage methods,fixible operational  mechinism¡¢continuous  technological   innovation   and   full  advantage of industry.



Address£ºEast to Longyang Road, Longgang Economic Development Zone, Xingtai City, Hebei Province, China.    
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